October 16, 2009

October 19th, Preview of our E-books Grant

On Monday, October 19th we will be revealing the Sylvan Dell Publishing Grant we received to use the wonderful e-books for all our students! P.P. C. will meet at 9:15 and I am anxious to hear the reaction to some of these titles.

We do want to be certain that everyone understands the purpose of our book blog and uses safe internet practices when they make a comment. If we enjoyed one of these books and would like to discuss it on the blog, we simply type in our comments and then sign with our first names or using family name only. You are welcome to put your grade level , but please do not use any full names, or share personal information.

This blog is moderated, so we will be certain information is appropriate before it goes public.

I will model an appropriate entry in my next entry.

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  1. You are welcome to comment on any post but just like in general discussions be polite.