April 20, 2010

arggh... a bit of Web 2.0 frustration!

Here is the replaced page... (sigh)


After the excitement of a few entries on voicethread, I decided to upgrade to a more secure format for student safety. As I did this I somehow lost the original. So here it is re-constructed above.

We did lose our initial comments, but I am thankful it was only a handful rather than hundreds! We will consider it a learning experience... for learners do make mistakes. As we work together on this little journey of Web 2.0 learning things might not always be perfect... and students and teachers have to give themselves an attitude of "it's okay to make mistakes, thats the way we learn!"

The beauty of the education site, is that it is much more secure and ultimately your child will be able to log in easily and comment. REST assured that this is a fully moderated site, and ALL comments are approved by me before they are posted.

Thanks for your visit!

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