April 13, 2010

First Graders in Title I with first round of Sylvan Dell books

Our Title I First Graders were so excited to be among the first to sign out the wonderful Sylvan Dell Publishing titles. We reminded ourselves that these books can be heard ONLINE or read with mom or dad. These books are loaded with math and science information so enjoy learning vocabulary and wonderful animal facts!
Don't forget the great "Creative Minds" section at the back to extend your child's learning even more.

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  1. Hello folks! I'm thrilled to see one of your kids holding my book One Wolf Howls. I am also thrilled to be a Sylvan Dell author. They will be publishing another picture book of mine in spring 2011. It's called Big Cat, Little Kitty and it compares the behavior and "catitude" of the Big Cats (lion, tiger, etc.) with "little kitties" (domestic cats).

    Enjoy the books!